Thursday, March 31, 2011

Next Step

 Ready for the next Round? Here it is...

What the face and ears should look like.

  • To add a smile to the face.
  • To make the ears and sew on symmetrically.
  • To work from the bottom up to connect the 2 legs.

Part 2 A: The face and add ears.
Face: Embroider the mouth with a simple stitich across.
Smile made.


Ears: Make 2 and use skin tone yarn.
  • 1. Ch 2. 6 sc in the 2nd ch. Sl st to beginning st and bind off. [6]
  • Pin the 2 ears to each side of the head. 
  • Sew the ears on.
Ears made and pinned to head to make sure they are symmetrical.


Ears sewn on.

Part 2 B:  Shoes and legs.

Shoes: Make 2 in black yarn. 

  • 1. Ch 2.  6 sc in the 2nd ch. [6]
  • 2. 2 sc in all 6 sc. (inc) [12]
  • 3. 1 sc in the next st, 2 sc in the next sc*, repeat 5 more times. [18]
  • 4. Place marker (pm),1 sc in the next 18 sc. [18]
  • 5. 1 sc in the next 18 sc. [18]
  • 6. 1 sc in the next sc, dec in the next sc*, repeat 5 more times. [12]
  • 7. 1 sc in the next 12 sc.  Sl st to beginning st and bind off. [12] 
    Shoe made.
  • Shoe made.

This completes let's add the legs. Black yarn is cut enough to weave in later.

Beginning to change colors.


Adding the leg to the shoe.

Adding more  to the leg and stuffing as you go

  • Make 2 in flesh tone yarn.
  • Move the marker here for now.
  • The leg will be 12 sc around for 15 rows.
  •   After the 1st leg is done, cut the tail to about 1 inch to weave in later.
    15 rows completed.


    Keeping the leg stuffed as you crochet up.
Start of the second leg.

After the 2nd leg is done, do not fasten off.
  • Hold the legs together. 
  • 1 sc in the next 12 sc around of one leg and then continue to crochet the 1 sc in the 2nd leg's
  • 12 sc around. [24]
Once the 2nd leg is completed, start to connect the two legs.


Added a piece of black thread as a marker to show that 12 sc were done on the 1st leg.

Completed the 12 sc on the second leg.

Completed 24 sc around as the beginning of the lower trunk.

This holds the lower part of the torso and we will crochet up to the begiinning of the chest and add the colored yarn for the chest as the top of the dress.
Does this make sense?

I decided to incorporate the dress on the body when I first made them.
For those that are advanced or adventerous may continue all the way up and add a dress
later. I've done that , too.

Remember, this is your project. I just want to share my pattern and let you embellish as you
choose. That's part of the fun.

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