Friday, October 15, 2010

Enjoying the Country

Just returned back from the country. Worked on undoing the sweaters and washing them.

Cut up 5 pairs of jeans (on the chair) for either a rag rug or a woven rug-not sure, yet.

Found a quilt holder to wind the yarn into hanks.

Hung the yarn after washing.

Finished a baby rug from this huge ball of leftover yarn before I left.


Also, started on another baby round infant rug.
 Had so much fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So many things...

After a brief visit to my mother's last month, I decided to start dyeing my own yarn. I realized that more yarn is used for crochet than knitting. In order to save money, I have been recycling old sweaters purchased at thrifts stores in Austin, Tx.
Once frogged, the yarn has been washed and dried and ready for reuse. So exciting. They can be overdyed and make something new again.
I have a lot of left over yarn from projects made and I became interested in rag rugs but didn't want an arsenal of  fabric. I decided tying the left over yarns and crochet with 3 strands and a P hook, I am almost finished with this warm circular rug,or blanket-don't have a title, yet.

It's WAY bigger now!

  • Chain 6 and slipped stitch in the 1st ch. (circle made)
  • Chain 1 and make 11 single crochet in the circle.
  • Place marker for the first stitch and chain 1 and crochet around and slip stitch into the 1st ch 1 st.
  • *Ch 1 and  and 2 sc in the next st* Repeat * until you sl st into the 1st ch1,. 
  • The next round, ch 1 and sc all around and sl st in the 1st ch1.
  • *Ch 1 and sc in the next st, 2 sc in the next sc.*Repeat * until you sl st into the 1st ch 1.
  • The next round, ch1 and sc all around and sl st in the 1st ch1.
  • Soooooo... Keep repeating the increase such as ch1 and sc in the next___sc(3,4,5,6,7,8, big as you want this to be)  and 2 sc in the next sc. Repeat until you  sl st in the next 1st ch 1. Remember, this may not end evenly as you increase every other row. Just go ahead and sc until you come to the 1st ch 1 and watch this grow. Keep the tied strings in the back and you can either weave as you go or cover the back with fabric such as flannel and  use as a blanket. You decide. Enjoy!
One friend  said that this would be great for a baby  mat especially for a newborn so if you visit, you can place the infant on this mini mat. Sounds great. I already have pink colors double stranded ready to go.