Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Pigtail Girl CAL

Little Pigtail Girl CAL
I decided to to make this project a Crochet A Long with photos.

Part One: The Head
The hair will be covered later.

Simply Soft from Caron in Light Country Peach 
1- 3.5 mm/E hook
1 piece of different colored string or marker
1 pr of 12mm or even 15mm solid black eyes
(or black embroidery thread and needle to sew on eyes if this
project is made for  a child < 3 yrs of age.
100% Polyfill for stuffing

1- 6 oz./170 gm Caron Simply Soft will make almost 2 dolls.

Using single crochet (sc) with combinations of increasing sc and
decreasing sc.

Quick look as we increase using a marker especially for  Steps 7-17.

Chain (ch) 2.
  • 1. Single crochet (sc) 7 into 2nd chain stitch (st) from the hook .[7]
  • [You may use the magic loop if you want. I personally like the other way.]
  •  2. 2 sc in each 7st. . [14] (beginning to increase)
  •  3. (Sc 1, sc 2 in next st)*, now repeat * 6 more times. [21]
  •  4. (Sc 2, sc 2 in next st)*, now repeat * 6 more times. [28]
  •  5. (Sc 3, sc 2 in next st)*, now repeat * 6 more times. [35]
  •  6. (Sc 4, sc 2 in next st)*, now repeat * 6 more times. [42]
  •  Stopping the increasing and now creating the main part of the face.
  •  7-17. Sc 42 sts around for 10 rows. Use your marker or your piece of yarn to designate the first st.
Let's stop for a second...let's plan to place the eyes on this doll.
Now, we can mark with contrast yarn to place the eyes or place the
plastic eyes in the designated area without snapping the back part on (just in case you miss the position like I do sometimes and have to almost rip off...don't do that!)
See the dec st make  7 cool angles  see your eye placements

But by experience, just placing a marker to kind of placing where the eyes may go and think about how far apart you want the eyes to be placed.
Is this this critical? Yeh, it is because with amigurumi, we are looking at cuteness.  Personally, I  go between 6-8 sts apart vs some
designers going closer or further apart. It's your choice.
Some designers favor to start filling the head at this point but I found that you get that fuzz caught on the hook.
My suggestion is to do some decreasing sc rounds and then start to fill as well as look at how the eye placement appears. (This goes for embroidery or even placing black felt pieces and embroidering around)
  •  18. (Sc 4, decrease (dec) 1)*, repeat 6 more times. [35]
  •  19. (Sc 3, dec 1)*, repeat 6 more times. [28]
  •  20. (Sc 2, dec 1)*, repeat 6 more times. [21]
  •  21. (Sc 1, dec 1)*, repeat 6 more times. [14]
Believe it or not but, you may start placing the eyes  between  Step 20 or 21.

Better shaping and better eye placement.

You can see the decreasing angles and can gauge where the eyes may stay and then fill.
You can feel the shape of the head and be more confident  toward the final shaping.
  •  22. dec 7 [7] and slip stitch (sl) into the last st and pull through the loop to complete the round. 
  • 23. Weave in ends. The torso will have a weaving tail to attach to the head.

Closer look at eye placement.

For now this completes the head. Next part will complete the ears and  add a smile with embroidery thread. We will start on the feet and legs, too. Until then, happy crocheting! Valis

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  1. I'm in the middle of several projects now but I hope to make one of these when I get caught up. Thanks for posting.