Monday, March 14, 2011

El Chupacabra!
I thought making amigurumis was a fad for me, but I have had so many requests for different projects.This has been great. I feel useful for a change.

Embroidered eyes for a 2 yr old. Safety 1st!
I made a chupacabra for a doctor for a gift to his sister. It was a great challenge and absolutely a joy to make. Along with that order, I made a golden retirever and a kitty for 2 little girls.

I made an 11 inch Batgirl to follow the 16 inch Batman figure for a duo Birthday gift for a little girl and her uncle. My friend was nice to take a picture of the gift before she left for the party. I brushed the yarn for the hair and it came out silky and wavy. I did not want a yarn-ie type of hair. Had to make it a little unique.

I have been inspired with the Dispicable Me movie and had to buy it. So many people at work wanted the minions  of various shapes. But I do love the response and chuckles after they receive their order.

Pretty soon, I will be completing Easter bunnies and other cute forest animals. Looking forward to sharing all with you. For those that ordered, thank you so much for your support.

With gratitude, Valis

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