Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Items to share

Since I have been enjoying amigurumi crochet, I have alot of requests to make unique gifts. Just recently completed Batman but in the photo, the cape is not completed. Making from no available patterns, I have to trust alot on photos and help from my comic book collecting spouse. Thank goodness.

The request was for a 16 inch character. I did this project based on three +/- 5 inch segments of the whole body. After that, it was just doing the project.
I have to make a small Batgirl to complete the commissioned work. All in all, this has been a labour of love.

Cookie's pig, panda, and kitten
Lila's Panda
Lion and Lime Sherbet Kittens

There is a great easy purchased pattern from Sarah K. Walker in Ravelry . Look up the title, Wilbur, Bejing or Purrr . Here is the first Panda I made for a friend. I showed it to my mom and she had to have one and pig, too. I told her about the Valentine Sherbet Kitten Pattern and I made her a light golden tinsel kitty. At work a really good friend asked for a Lion type kitten and made a Lime Sherbet Kitten for a nite nurse who needed cheering up. She works hard and needed a smile on her face. It worked!
Enjoy the latest pics and will write soon! Valis

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